ZeroFive Antenna

Operator: Randy

QTH: 907 Deer Road Dixon, IL 61021

LOC: EN51gu

Your Report: 599

Model: HOA27

Let's start with a little background. I was looking for a cost effective way to work 17 and 20 meters a little better than with my catch all G5RV. I still think that having a G5RV to use as a all around antenna is great. Wonderful for rag chews and yes I worked some DX with it. It makes a wonderful measuring stick also I suppose. Even though I do have a 50 foot tower in place I did not want to pursue a HF directional antenna at this point. I am hoping to reserve the tower for 2 and 6 meter beams. After working both 17 and 20 meters for a few months PKS31, CW and SSB I kind of made mental notes of the performance of non directional antennas (Vertical's) so off I go to the "trusty" internet reading reviews of the many different antennas. While most of the vertical's had the normal, most people happy with it and a few with issues, there is one that stood out on all the ham review type sites, ZEROFIVE-ANTENNAS.
Ok, now to the antenna. I took a look at the site and pondered over the correct choice for my goal. I narrowed it down to a few of the mutli band verticals but still was unsure. I contacted Tom, N9ZV Chief RF Design Engineer an explained what I was looking for, where I wanted to install it, what I currently had for antennas for all bands and even what I had in mind for lower band antennas down the road. Tom replied quickly with his suggestion, I went with it and 24 hours later it arrived.

I unboxed it after work and was going to wait until the weekend to install it. The plan for installation is centered on the top of my 1950's vintage Quonset (30' x 50') 100 % metal construction building about 130' from the shack. Well that didn't happen (yet), I looked at the materials and was impressed so I took the few minutes and assembled the antenna. Again I was going to stop at that and wait for the weekend to install on the building but then that other thought came to mind, ground mount just to "test". I went to the building and looked around for a 5' pipe with some meat to it; there in the corner leaning up all proud was a 2" inch thick walled water pipe yelling pick me. I grabbed it and the post driver and to the wifeís grape run, drove the pipe in about 3' and mounted the antenna a few feet of the ground, tilted up and ran a 100' of coax to it. To the shack I go, connect to my MFJ-949E tuner and started checking the tuning ability with the Kenwood TS-590. It tuned up well on 17 and 20 meters so I thought letís see whatís happening on 17. The band was pretty dead but I tripped across a QSO from CA to Japan, I listened in and shifted between the ZeroFive and the G5RV and as expected the RX was much better on the vertical ( 0 - 3 S units on the G5RV and 7 - 9 S units on the Vertical). When the QSO was complete I waited to see if others were in line to make the contact but there he was left alone (JR7TKG) so I made the call. We had a nice QSO and with a solid 57 and peaking to 59. I forgot to say "no radials" well I went out put the few tools away, had a little dinner and went back to the radio, worked several more DX stations on what would be considered a marginal band (June 6, 2013).

Let you know what it does on the building soon.